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  Citing GlycanAnalyzer

Walsh I et al. GlycanAnalyzer: Software for Automated Interpretation of N-Glycan Profiles after Exoglycosidase Digestions
Bioinformatics., 2018, bty681, doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bty681

LC-MS peak assignments were annotated using GlycanAnalyzer v1.0 at and output from this analysis is reported in the supplementary material of the above article.

Funding contributions

This project would not have been possible without funding from the following:

: A grant to Dr. Ian Walsh from New England Biolabs (Massachusetts, U.S.A).

: A*STAR's Joint Council Office (JCO) through Visiting Investigator Programme ("HighGlycoART")

: A*STAR's Biomedical Research Council through the Strategic Positioning Fund ("GlycoSing")